Acupressure – Relieve Your Toothache Using Pressure Points

Toothaches can be one of the strongest and most debilitating pains we can have, making even simple everyday tasks difficult to perform. Using traditional medicine to remove these pains is effective, or visiting to a dentist for having emergency tooth extraction, but there are also more natural methods to help you get the relief you’re looking for.

Using your body’s own pressure points is called acupressure, and it’s an effective way of sending a signal to your body to activate its own defenses against ailments such as a toothache. Acupressure is similar to acupuncture but no needles are used in the process. Instead, fingers, palms, elbows or even feet are used to activate the pressure points in your body.

There are different pressure points for different types of toothaches, but it’s best to start with the 3 of the most commonly used. Primarily, the first-aid pressure point. Each pressure point is labelled with two letters and a number which can be used to find the diagram of where that pressure point is located on your body.

1. First aid pressure point (SI 18)

SI 18 is one of the most effective pressure points for relieving toothaches, it’s located at the lower edge of the of your cheekbone, down from the outer corners of your eyes and parallel to the lower part of your nose.

This point can be activated using your index and middle fingers, pressing firmly for one minute. During this process make sure to take deep breaths.

2. Jaw pain relief (ST 6)

This pressure point is great for relieving jaw pain and can be found in the middle of your jaw bone and on the muscle which bulges when your teeth are clenched.

Activate this point by pressing on it firmly with your thumbs for one minute, repeat if necessary and don’t forget to breathe deeply.

3. Anti-inflammatory (LI 4)

Use this pressure point to help relieve inflammation common with toothaches. It’s located in the highest point of the muscle where your thumb and index fingers come together.

Use firm pressure to massage that area for 4-5 seconds at a time, while breathing deeply.

Using these and other pressure points to get rid of toothaches and the symptoms which come with them is a great natural treatment without any unwanted side-effects common with traditional medicine.

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