Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is a highly active committee of the New York State Reflexology Association. It advocates for the legal status for reflexology in New York State and acts as a liaison between the association and the legislature. Additionally the committee works in conjunction with the Reflexology Association of America (RAA) in order to stay informed of legislative issues that may affect the practice of Reflexology in New York State and at the national level. The Legislative Committee follows the directives of NYSRA membership and works closely with the Board of Directors. Our primary objectives, as mandated by the membership include:

  • Establish reflexology as its own profession.
  • Work with our State Assembly persons and Senators to determine the content of a bill which will establish reflexology as a licensed profession in New York State.
  • Ongoing coalition building in our community and at large; developing relationships with those who support our purpose.

The legislative committee has been part of NYSRA since its inception in 1996. Since 2006 the legislative committee has been setting its aims on licensure and has been increasingly active ever since.

The Legislative Committee has grown steadily through the years, as members have come forward in support of its work; offering their time, talents, dedication and resolve. When we receive legal recognition for reflexology in New York State, NYSRA members will be the reason for its success. Come join us! Remember: the greater our numbers, the louder our voice, the stronger our presence.