Is bed rest after IVF really important?

One of the science-based assisted reproductive techniques that couples and women turn to is in vitro fertilization or IVF. This is a very technical and systematic procedure that everyone who participates in it wants to find ways to make it work. One of the things that they do is to demand bed rest after the IVF procedure.

What to expect from physiotherapy after ankle surgery

Ankle surgery can be the solution you need if your injury cannot be managed by medication alone, but your ankle’s performance cannot be brought back to its normalcy without any reinforcement post-surgery. Here are ways how physiotherapy after ankle surgery can help.

Acupressure for TMJ disorder

Acupressure is one of the treatment methods in traditional Chinese medicine for quite a long time. It relates to the self-treatment mechanism widely applied in Chinese medicine, where an external force like massage or physical pressure is applied on the certain spots of the body to activate or initiate the self-healing process of the body itself.

Pressure Point for Sinus Relief: Does Acupressure Help?

Sinus pain can be caused by a variety of factors, from something as common as seasonal allergies to a more serious condition such as sinusitis. Most of us have suffered from it at some point in our lives, so if you’re looking for a natural and safe way to help you with this problem, why not try using pressure points for sinus relief? You can also read useful articles at Rhinoplasty Melbourne Cost site about other natural ways for sinus relief.

Reflexology for colds – Learn the reflexology points

Do you know that according to customary Chinese healing you’re more probable to get cold when the cyclic transforms? Fortunately, reflexology for colds provides wisdom to aid in alleviating congestion and runny nose and it’s inconsequential whether you have snuffles from a cold or it’s your aversion acting out. If every time the weather gets cold your nose is stuffed and you’re wondering if you need to consult an ENT, visit this link for more info:

Reflexology for Headaches

Are you experiencing constant headaches? Do you want to speed up the healing process? If yes, consider reflexology for headaches.

How to reduce swelling in hands

The hand is a very crucial organ in our day to day activities. They help us in many ways such as grasping, touching, waving among other functions. Realizing that your hands are swollen then it is likely to scare you away. Learning how to reduce edema or swelling in hands can be of great importance especially to those with frequent hand swelling problems.