Are you experiencing constant headaches? Do you want to speed up the healing process? If yes, consider reflexology for headaches. It’s an alternative treatment for a number of issues and has been widely used for thousands of years. The treatment involves applying pressure to particular areas in your feet, ears, and hands that impact specific reflex areas/parts of the body. Here’s how it can help you relieve your headache issues.

How does reflexology work?

It’s a holistic approach that tries to keep your body in balance. When you undergo the treatment, a therapist will target particular acupressure points on your foot in order to improve blood flow and stimulate neurological function. Each point on your foot connects to a different body part. As a result, treatments are customized to relieve and ease any pain a patient may experience. While reflexology utilizes acupressure points, it doesn’t involve needles, which make it great for patients who don’t wish to use needles.

Headache relief

If you deal with headaches, foot reflexology could alleviate your pain and avoid future headaches. A therapist will apply pressure to the inside of your second toe and big toe. That should provide relief to the temporal lobe. The therapist could also target the little toes and top of your large toes near the nail bed. That may offer relief from pain on sinuses and face.

Will reflexology cure headaches?

reflexology for headachesFoot reflexology can do wonders for people who suffer from acute headaches. Usually, you’ll observe relief from pain during the session. Also, the impact may last for up to four to five days. However, you should remember that reflexology isn’t an all-cure. It must be combined with other holistic approaches such as using herbal medicines, taking a healthy diet or doctor prescribed medicines, and meditation.

Reflexology for headaches can certainly benefit the sufferer. However, it should be blended with other approaches and medication. Just get in touch with your doctor and he may advise you a suitable medicine to combine with reflexology for better results.