How Do You Identify Pressure Points On Face? (4 Vital Pressure Points)

Recently, there are many popular reflexology clinics that anyone can visit. If you’re interested in knowing the benefits of pressure points on face, you should research more about its practice. Did you know? A face massage might help to ease the toothace problems you are enduring.

How Do You Identify Pressure Points On Face 4 Vital Pressure Points

A soothing massage may give more than just relaxation after a long day’s work. Recently, there are many popular reflexology clinics that anyone can visit. If you’re interested in knowing the benefits of pressure points on face, you should research more about its practice. Did you know? A face massage might help to ease the toothache problems you are enduring. However, before getting any massage, get a consultation from a certified reflexologist first. If you don’t prepare about the method, you may get scammed with cheaper and less quality reflexology massages. You may also want to discover these pressure points yourself. Know more about pressure points in this article so you can try massaging yourself at home. 

Different Pressure Points On Face

The study of pressure points come from traditional Chinese medicine. Its history and legacy from the studies of natural treatment were passed down and used globally by millions of people. If you’re an individual who wants to practice essential pressure points on face, you can find this information useful for your personal use. Conversely, do the massage with caution. Ask a credible reflexologist to know more about this method so you can do this at home. 

Large Intestine (LI20)

This pressure point is seen on the groove line in between the nostrils and the face. Reflexologists use this point to alleviate nasal congestion due to cold, allergy, or other symptoms. Also, sinusitis which is the inflammation of the sinuses is a part of this treatment. 

Yintang (Third Eye Pressure Point)

Yintang or the third eye pressure point activates the pituitary gland and pineal gland for melatonin production. Massaging this point alleviates the person of migraines, headaches, and other pain near the temple of the head. This point is the middle of the head or the center temple. 

Head Corner (ST 8)

Its alternative name is Tou Wei which defeats common cold, migraines, and blurred vision. Apply pressure on the side of the head with your palms or knuckles.  

Shui Gou (GV26)

GV26 or Shui Gou is a pressure point to relieve nasal discharges, nosebleed, and other olfactory problems. You can see GV26 under the philtrum which is in between the mouth and bottom of the nose tip. Additionally, GV26 alleviates stress and calms a person’s mood. 

What Other Problems Do Pressure Points Relieve?

Pressure Points On Face Massage BenefitsAside from the usual relief from stress and headache, most patients of Reflexology ask for specific pressure points. These points can help soothe the pain that most often complain. How can you benefit from pressure points? If you’re dealing with tooth pain or muscle sore, you may find yourself massaging the facial points as mentioned previously. On the other hand, continuous study about the medical and clinical application of Reflexology is still ongoing. Efforts on correcting facial paralysis are still a part of the research of both medical and Reflexology professionals

How Facial Reflexology Has Changed Alternative Medicine

Through Facial Reflexology, a lot of people can benefit from the massage instead of taking various drugs for their health. The goal of this kind of massage helps the circulation of blood flow on the body. Additionally, it also jumpstarts the functions of the nerves from the spinal cord toward the other nerve hubs. All in all, pressure points on face aren’t just the beneficial areas of relief. Some positions are for muscle tension relief, digestion problems, and pregnancy pain. With this in mind, take note that Reflexology only aims to alleviate pain. It does not claim to heal cancer or do miraculous treatment for a person’s body. If you’re a pregnant woman, don’t get a massage right away. Ask your doctor first for any precaution regarding this kind of treatment. 

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