Facial Reflexology

Facial reflexology is a holistic healing method and is based on the functioning of people as a whole.
It is a relatively new technique in the Netherlands, a natural treatment method to get rid of physical and psychological complaints and has it already been used extensively in various countries with good results.

Facial reflexology is an intense facial massage and massage of organ zones and acupuncture points in the face.
All these zones and points reflect all systems, organs, and tissues in the body.
Just like in the foot reflex, the entire body is also reflected in the face.

Stimulating the various points and zones ensure – through the central nervous system – that the multiple systems in the body are balanced and the immune system works better.
It works on the nervous system, the blood vessel system, the energy flow (meridians), the lymphatic system and the hormone system.
You use facial reflex to influence the entire body and promote healing.

You can also work on points and lines on the head to improve/reduce various neurological problems.
Facial reflexology is therefore also very active with head problems.
Also, you can effectively handle all kinds of problems.

For example, facial reflexology is used for:

Stress, nervousness, irritability
Digestive problems
The weak immune system, chronic cold
Poor blood circulation, oedema
Pain complaints, headache, dizziness, back pain
Hormonal complaints such as menstrual complaints, menopausal symptoms, emotions
Pregnancy (before, during and after), pregnancy wish
Emotional and psychological complaints
Neurological disorders such as stroke (stroke), facial paralysis, facial disturbance, the disease of
Sleep problems
With children, you can also think about learning and concentration problems, anxiety and anxiety.
Facial reflexology is suitable for young and old and also has a preventive effect.
It can be used excellently alongside other, regular and alternative treatment methods.
If in doubt, I recommend that you first contact your doctor or therapist.

A treatment without immediate complaints is also possible.
Treatment will then provide deep relaxation and make a positive contribution to body and mind.

You can experience reactions after a treatment.
Every reaction is positive, friendly and non-nice reactions.
These reactions can occur for up to 48 hours after treatment.
They are short-lived, and it means that the body responds and the treatment starts to work.
The body is also going to detox.

Common reactions can be:

Stinging sensation
A temporary feeling of discomfort
Dizziness, nausea
More urge to pee
Dark or Strong smelling urine
( headache
Shivers, tingling
To Sweat
More emotions coming loose
More dreams
Waste is released and must leave the body.

After treatment, it is advisable to drink extra water and to take a break.
A headache means drinking more water.