The Ultimate Benefits of Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology works under the assumption that there are reflexes in the feet that correlate to all body parts. The stimulation of these reflexes leads to physiological changes. Reflexology is a traditional healing technique with many benefits.

The following are foot reflexology benefits:

1. Improves Memory

Foot reflexology helps in the delivery of vital oxygen to the brain cells. This helps to keep the body cells in a healthy state. Foot reflexology stimulates brain reflexes which improves blood circulation to the head. When done regularly, foot reflexology enhances the memory of a forgetful mind.

2. Improved Circulation

Foot reflexology enhances blood circulation in the feet and across the body. Stroking the feet gently, and applying specific hand and finger techniques enhance blood flow and circulation to critical organs. Blood distributes oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body leading to the nourishment of all body tissues. Foot reflexology also helps to repair any injured tissue.

3. Relaxation

Foot reflexology leads to a deep state of relaxation. Stress originates from solar plexus nerve. When this nerve is pressed and squeezed, it relieves all stress and tension from the body. Stress can incredibly affect the immune system making one vulnerable to critical and severe diseases such as cancer. Reflexology helps to eliminate all fear and generates a feeling of relaxation.

4. Improves Relationship

Reflexology can helps to enhance a relationship. Touching the feet can be highly sensitive and relaxing. Foot reflexology can generate a feeling of relaxation that enhances lovemaking experience. Foot reflexology session with your partner is an excellent expression of love and care.

5. Reduces Pain

Foot reflexology significantly contributes to pain management. It leads to the production of more endorphins that block any pain signals to the brain. Endorphins are stronger painkillers compared to morphine. This makes reflexology an incredible pain reliever.

6. Regularity

Foot reflexology can be used to create a balance during constipation. The stimulation of intestines, colon and various corresponding reflexes ease the elimination process and regulates it to normal.

All these are foot reflexology benefits. Appreciate this technique for a better living.