You wake up one morning with aching breasts, and you immediately panic. You have heard so much about breast cancer and you know that in the United States, one in eight women will be diagnosed with it in her lifetime.

However, there is no need to worry just yet. According to Medical News Today, of the 70 percent of women who experience breast pain, only 15 percent require medical care. Your breast pain, after all, could have its roots in harmless causes such as hormonal changes, a poorly fitted bra, breast scarring, or breast cysts. To help ease the pain you are feeling, there are different methods like reflexology to ease pain on breasts that you can try.

Still, breast pain can be very unpleasant. Even the small movements you make with your body can cause sharp arrows of pain to shoot through you. The good news? You can get rid of it quickly with massage and reflexology for breast pain.

Here’s why    

  1. Ease tightness in the breasts

massage and reflexologyThere are a number of reasons why your breast ligaments can become tight and painful. One of them is a bra that doesn’t fit you well. A bra that is too tight can compress your breasts and cause the tightness and ache you feel. It is good to know that a simple breast massage can ease these ligaments, getting rid of the tension and the pain you feel.

  1. Reduce breast swelling

Before your period, your estrogen levels rise. This causes your breasts to swell. The feeling might be familiar to you: it is as if your breasts have been injected with fluid. They feel tender to the touch. You might be used to taking painkilling drugs to ease the discomfort, but there is no need for this when you start enjoying massage and reflexology. This is the safe, non-invasive way to say good-bye to breast pain and tenderness forever.

Got breast pain? Try this method and feel the pain leave your body in a matter of minutes.