Foot and Hand Reflexology for Sciatica

Would you like to know how foot and hand reflexology for sciatica works? We have either foot or hand reflexology chart readily available for you to see which part of your extremities you need to target depending on your needs. This article specifically shows you how reflexology can help alleviate that annoying sciatic nerve pain and relax your legs in the process.

Is Hand Reflexology for Constipation Effective?

Constipation, headaches, and panic attacks are just some of the many signs and symptoms of having anxiety. There is actually a hand reflexology chart that targets the problem areas you may be complaining about. By locating the reflex points, you are able to relieve symptoms without directly touching the affected area. To give you an example, let us look at how an example of alternative medicine can relieve a specific health problem – hand reflexology for constipation.

Which 4 Reflexology Points Promote A Fit Female Body?

Unexpected weight gain for females can come from stress eating, pregnancy, sugar addiction, binge eating, or disorders. offers a wide variety of options for any person who wants to start an exercise routine at home. How do reflexology, acupressure, and acupuncture promote a fit female body? You can stimulate your muscles, bones, and other body parts to burn fat and build muscles.

Why Is Flexibility Important For The Bones And Body?

A physical fitness routine may start by swirling your arms and feet in a circular motion. But, when the next step involves stretching your arm or legs, you may feel a prickly and painful sensation. That, unfortunately, sounds like you aren’t flexible enough to get the most of your warm-up benefits. Why is flexibility important for every person? You may find that the bones, muscles, and even your heart can improve faster with a flexible technique. You can also go to to choose a stationary bike to set up at your home.

10 Symptoms And Side Effects For Disorder Of TMJ (Headaches, Etc.)

Mainly, people with severe toothaches may have to go to an emergency dentist for pain relief. But, an adverse dental disease such as TMJ disorder can cause several symptoms. Apart from TMJ headaches, patients with a temporomandibular joint disorder can have further complications. Jaw spasms may also increase tension in the gums and can spread pain to the ears and throat. For immediate pain relief, facial reflexology may be one of the best solutions. You can also visit No Gaps Dental’s clinic in Chatswood today for further consultation on symptoms of TMJ headaches or jawbone pain.

How Effective Is A Sinus Face Massage?

One of the most common problems that people complain about is the issue of a clogged nose. Having an obstructed breathing airway may lead to several side effects like sinus pain, sleep apnea, or constant headache. Together with taking prescription medicine, a sinus face massage drains the mucous buildup inside the nose. A reflexology expert can massage the painful area in the face, whether it is your wisdom teeth or your sinuses.

5 Pressure Points That Can Relieve A Wisdom Teeth Headache (Adults)

Are you experiencing severe impacted wisdom teeth headaches even after your dental cleaning? It may already be a sign that your wisdom teeth need a tooth extraction. A good set of teeth can still experience impacted wisdom teeth headache despite regular maintenance. Probably, you may be seeking a massage that can ease your mouth’s pain. You may be surprised to know that reflexology therapy can calm the migraine due to toothache.

What Is Reflexology And How Does It Work?

When thinking about pampering one’s self, almost everyone will include massage and other spa treatments on the list. But have you heard of reflexology from your masseuse? What is this therapy that has been gaining a decent amount of followers? Here, we will give you answers to such questions. What is reflexology? How does it work? What are its benefits? Let us all find out.