When a person experiences a toothache, and cannot get to a dentist right away, they can try reflexology for toothache. If your tooth pain persists, the team of a clinic in the Sans Souci area has suggested trying the above…

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is the art of using therapy to treat one body part to heal a problem of a different body part. Reflexology can be applied to many parts of the body to relieve pains and aches. The trick is knowing which pressure points to activate to be able to relieve pain.

How can reflexology for toothaches be done?

Since it may not always be an option to visit a dentist right away, reflexology for toothaches can be a useful trick to know. Here are the pressure points to massage just in case you experience a toothache and cannot visit your doctor for whatever reason. These pressure points are all meant to help with tooth pain.reflexology for toothache

Small intestine 18. You can access this pressure point at the lower edge of the cheekbone across from the lower edge of the nose. This pressure point is activated by applying steady pressure to both points in the face. This can help relieve pain related to jaw swelling and TMJ.

San Jiao 5. Activate this pressure point by applying pressure to the dorsal crease of the wrist. This pressure point is a very important point that can get rid of a toothache.

Large intestine 4. This pressure point can help with all kinds of chronic pain, including toothaches. You can stimulate this pressure point by pressing the flesh in between your index finger and thumb.

Stomach 44. You can use Stomach 44 to relieve facial pain, toothaches can also be cured using this pressure point. You can activate this pressure point by applying pressure using your index finger to the point in between your second and third toe.

Stomach 6. Clench your teeth and apply pressure to the point in the middle of your cheek, right in front of your ear lobes. This pressure point can help relieve intense toothaches, and it works fairly quickly to alleviate the pain.

Triple Warmer 13. This pressure point is used on toothaches that just won’t go away. You can get to this pressure point by applying steady pressure to the outer side of your upper arm. 

What you should do in case your toothaches persist

Remember that toothaches are usually signs of something more serious going on in your mouth. There is a chance that the cause is something that is not that serious, and then again, the cause may be a cause for concern. The best thing for you to do if you have a recurring toothache would be to visit your dentist. They will most likely be able to track the cause of your toothache and treat it so that the pain and the underlying cause will stop bothering you.

Reflexology is not meant to be a permanent solution to toothaches, but should only be used as a way to relieve the pain until you can see a dentist for proper treatment.