If you are worried about dental implant procedure pain, you don’t have to be. This article will focus on what to expect during the recovery of a dental implant procedure, and when to be concerned about the pain. If you’re planning to get dental implants, read this article to know more about what to expect from this dental procedure.

What is a dental implant procedure?

A dental implant is a metal post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone of a patient. Once it would be placed successfully on the jawbone, the restorative dentist will be able to attach an artificial tooth onto the implant.

Will there be any pain during the surgery?

Since the dentist would be applying an anesthetic to the area, you should not feel any pain during the surgery. If you are afraid that you might feel pain, or that you might not be responsive to the anesthetic used in the procedure, it would be a good idea to talk to your dentist about this. They will explain to you the risks and procedures of how they apply anesthesia. You should feel free to talk to them about any qualms you have about this.

What to expect during recovery

You can expect to feel some level of pain during the recovery. That would be a normal part of any surgery. You can manage the pain you feel after the surgery

using over-the-counter pain medications. Your dentist will most likely prescribe you these pain medications, and the pain should slowly subside and get less over five to seven days.

Even if the pain is gone after around one week following the surgery, except that it would take a longer amount of time before your surgical site would completely heal. It would take anywhere between three to six months for the complete healing of the wound. This is why you still have to be cautious during the healing period.

When to worry about dental implant procedure pain

dental implant procedure pain

Pain and swelling are common parts of the recovery of surgical procedures, however, you should contact your dentist if you still feel pain after the seventh day after the surgery. You should also be concerned if the pain worsens instead of gets less over time. These pain spells could be a warning that there is an infection developing inside your gums. This would require immediate attention and treatment by your dentist.

Pain could also be a sign of insufficient bone support for the implant, movements of the implant, an allergic reaction to the material of the implant and other complications of the implant. If you feel any excessive or prolonged pain, it would be wise to contact your dentist and schedule an emergency appointment so they can check where the source of the pain would be. Pay close attention to the pain you are feeling so that you can be better able to interpret what your body is telling you. Your dentist would be able to administer emergency treatment and control the infection before it turns into something more serious.