There is something called capsular contracture and it can make your implants hardened and cause pain. Here I’ll tell you about the breast implant massage to prevent this. For other treatment when experiencing pain, you can try acupressure for breast pain. Click on the link provided for more information.

First of all, it’s important that you follow what the doctor recommended, and if he advised you to do massages it is better that you know how to do them well.

acupressure for breast pain

This massage is done to prevent the occurrence of what is known as capsular contracture and to reduce pain and the right time to do so is when the implant has already settled well and the scars are well closed.

Although it remains unclear one hundred percent why some women suffer from this problem and others don’t, one thing that is known for sure is the process to follow in these cases.

For a capsular contracture to occur, what happens is that the scar compresses the implant and immobilizes it. This way, the breast becomes hardened and artificial.

How to perform a breast implant massage?

Always with common sense, little by little, as they are tolerated. And no machines, which are now very fashionable. But machines have no sensitivity. You shouldn’t use oils but you can opt for a rougher body ointment with a rougher texture.

Massages should start after 3 weeks after the mammoplasty and never do it before since they could affect the aesthetic result of the intervention. It’s minimum duration must be one month although it will be the specialist who determines the time needed for complete recovery of the area.

These sessions can be daily and last about 40 minutes or one hour in the first week. After this week, they can be extended to 3 daily in the following month but not more than that, since treated tissues need time for recovery and too much fatigue can cause an unwanted effect.

Techniques for applying the massage

breast implant massageTo put a very graphic image in your mind of how a massage should go, you should imagine that you’re trying to pop up a balloon. With one hand it is almost impossible to do so, so with the help of both, you will have to press hard on four points. The thumbs will be two of these points, while the rest of the fingers together will form the missing ones.

It’s advisable that before applying the massage you make sure that your nails are short to prevent damage.

Once you are exerting this pressure with both hands, it’s time to locate the implant, which is very deep in your body and housed above the ribs. When you feel it you will have to press it moderately and stick your fingers until you reach the scar for which the incision was made. Allow a few seconds, release the pressure and repeat this gesture by changing the position of your fingers a few centimeters.

Another technique is to push from the side of the implant and put the breasts together in the center.


Massages, in general, could sound like they could cause even more pain, but the truth is that with massages, muscles will enter a process of relaxation and releasing contractures, putting the tissues back to where they belong. So don’t be afraid of massages even if in pain. But of course, use your sensitivity and don’t exaggerate. If you’re feeling too much breast pain and the pain is not going away within the first weeks, call your specialist for a consultation as soon as you can.