Dentist prices without insurance could put a dent in savings and the overall budget. A myriad of people is often hesitant to go to the dentist. Many times, what was originally thought was just a minor toothache could turn into thousands of dollars out of pocket. This is why around 35% of the population without insurance opt not to visit a dentist at all. If you’re interested to know how much dental services like dental implants cost, you can check out the dental implant prices in AU here in the link provided.

How much will you have to pay for dental services?

Without dental coverage, prices of procedures may vary depending on what kind of procedure needs to be done.

Regular checkups and visits

Just a regular dentist appointment can set a patient back $50 up to more than $350, depending on what will be included in the appointment.

Treatments for cavities

Tooth fillings can cost $50 for silver amalgam fillings. The prices would rise depending on what kind of filling the patient wants. Tooth-colored fillings are more expensive, priced at $90. Dental crowns cost anything from $500 to $1,500, while root canals can cost up to $2000, depending on which tooth needs to be treated.

Tooth extraction

A patient can spend $75 to $450 for a regular tooth to be pulled. However the price for more complicated tooth extraction, like for an impacted tooth. The price for that can skyrocket up to $600 per tooth.

Dentures and dental bridges

dentist prices without insuranceHaving a set of partial and removable dentures can cost an average of $700, but if the patient wants to a premium set, the price can reach up to $8000.

Dental implants

Since this is a more complicated dental procedure, the price usually starts at $1,000 to $3000 and can increase depending on the type of implant, type of tooth and if other treatments would be needed.

What is the key to managing dental costs?

Take care of minor tooth problems before they turn into major ones. Prevention will always be better than cure. Do not leave a cavity unchecked, because, in the end, it could develop into a thousand-dollar root canal.