When it comes to breast pain, the practice of reflexology might offer a great drug-free solution. Reflexology is an ancient practice that has a history of use by cultures across the world and is based on the idea that there are zones on the hands and feet that correspond to the rest of the body. These zones can be manipulated and massaged to produce an effect on the body. To know other treatment options for breast pain, visit Dr. Breast Augmentation Sydney’s website.

Breast pain is a serious, debilitating condition that affects millions of women every year. Conventional painkillers can be unsafe and ineffective, leaving sufferers with few places to turn for relief. If serious conditions such as cancer have been ruled out, reflexology can be a gentle and natural treatment for breast pain.

Reflexology can be used to reduce breast pain by the use of reflexology points on the hand. The most commonly used point on the hand for treating breast pain is located on the palm of the hand, one finger width away from where your middle finger joins the rest of your hand. The use of this reflexology point has the added benefit of promoting lung health and relieving general chest pain.

The second reflexology point commonly used for breast pain is actually a point used for arm and shoulder issues. This point is used because much breast pain actually originates in injuries to the arms or shoulders. Many muscles and ligaments in the reflexology points on handshoulder area travel to the breasts, so addressing these issues will take care of breast pain as well. This point is located about one finger width from where your little finger joins the rest of your hand.

In order to use these reflexology points, sit in a relaxing environment and apply a small amount of lotion to your hands. Press the reflexology point firmly and hold for thirty seconds. Repeat this process several times in all locations needed. Perform this process as often as necessary until breast pain has subsided.