Reflexology may indeed be an alternative option to replace modern medications. It may be used as a pain relief medication. There are instances that after surgery, you might feel pain. If you’re looking for solutions to ease your pain after surgery, this question might have crossed your mind, “Can reflexology help with post surgery pain?

In some cases, reflexology may be able to actually help in reducing the amount of pain that you may have after a particular surgery that you may have already gone through. The reflexology practitioner may have his or her hands on the bottom of your feet to help in easing nerve pain after surgery. This is perfectly normal as the bottom part of the feet hold the key to all kinds of pain that you may feel.

easing nerve pain after surgeryIn a typical reflexology session, the practitioner will be pressing his thumbs on a specific part of your feet. Depending on which part of your body you want to be relieved pain of, the practitioner will press his or her thumbs on a special spot at the bottom of your feet. Some other practitioners may also use other tools to press the key points located at the bottom of your feet. Reflexology is not limited to massaging the feet despite the fact that it’s actually a foot-based therapy.

You may get more bonus pain relief by letting the practitioner massage your ears or hands. During a reflexology therapy, you may find the practitioner applying some pressure to your feet. This action is done to help with the physiological response in your body. Reflexology is perfectly safe and has been used by many people worldwide for thousands of years.

The best thing about reflexology is that it has no side effects which unlike drugs, you may experience other side effects after using particular drugs. When you first attend a reflexology therapy session, you may be requested to address your problems so that the practitioner could actually devise a solution to the problem that you may have. By addressing your problems to the practitioner, they may be able to identify what kind of problems you may have with your body as well as the habits that you are used to.