Face Reflexology aims at relaxing and assisting to remove stress by helping the body in healing and re-balancing itself. During the facial reflexology, the gentle pressure will be applied to zones of different reflex and the reflexology points on your face. These points are believed to have a direct relation to the body’ areas. Face reflexology encourages healthy lymph and blood flow and also stimulates elastin and Collagen, therefore, assisting the skin in regenerating and minimizing the appearance of the aging lines. For answers on FAQ, visit this site.

It works on the reflex zones principle which runs in the entire parts of the body. The treatment of the Reflexology is combined with the unique face massage which incorporates most active natural face-lifting techniques that invigorate each muscle, smooth out wrinkles, and lift the face. Special attention is supposed to be taken on the eyes, jawline, and cheeks. During the treatment, the therapist can sometimes use the non-invasive tool like the roller and the fingers, which stimulate the nerve endings and skin. This tool becomes the only equipment which is approved by the Association of Reflexologist. The clients frequently look this as the favorite part of a treatment.

face reflexologyIt’s not uncommon to fall asleep while receiving the treatment of the facial reflexology and then wake when feeling deeply refreshed. When the procedure is coming to an end, the gentle, designed techniques to ease you during the day are being used. The therapist can sometimes recommend particular Reflexology Point, which you may work on when at home.

Face Reflexology is believed by many to improve the stress-related problems and also having the bonus for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It partly achieves this by releasing muscle tension that assists in stimulating elastin and collagen. A pure organic carrier oil is used during the treatment of facial reflexology, which supports the skin to glow.