A swollen face is among the few things which are disturbing and annoying. The causes are many and those which have a lot of impacts are hormonal changes and improper dieting. An oily face is more prone to swells than a dry one. Improper picking will damage your skin tissue which is likely to increase irritation. It can be troublesome when you don’t know how to ease face swelling.

Some of the tips on how to reduce swelling in the face include:

  • Ice cubes:

Applying an ice pack gently on the affected area of the face relieves the swelling and decreases the inflammation. The ice cubes should be covered with a clean towel to avoid direct contact as it can injure your skin cells. Don’t push the ice pack over your face as you can accidentally prick the swollen part.

  • Aloe Vera:

It has antibacterial properties and astringent ingredient that combats the bacteria. The anti-inflammatory component in it reduces the infection. Simply cut the aloe vera, apply the gel on the face and leave it overnight.

  • Toothpaste:

This is a very common way. It dries up the site and prevents oil from accumulating. The toothpaste should not be gel-based.

  • how to reduce swelling in faceYogurt:

It’s a good reducer as it has the acidity that combats the bacteria. Apply plain yogurt all over the face and leave it for five minutes. Wash your face with warm water.

  • Products in the market

Products available in the market such as Benzoyl peroxide are said to be more effective. The ingredients such as salicylic acid will reduce the swelling.

Choose products that are made of natural ingredients as they are the best for your face. Products that contain peppermint, fang Feng and mulberry in them will definitely do a lot of good to your face. There are rumors that using medics can make your skin age faster, thus it’s better to use the home remedies. It’s recommended to wash your face several times to avoid bacteria from piling up.