In dentistry context, teeth reflexology is a proven therapy mechanism which assists in reducing and removing fear and stress that are usual for patients in dental health centers. In fact, Dental 266’s clinic in Burwood, NSW, makes use of this technique to put their dentophobic patients at ease.

When someone has dental phobia, the state of imbalance occasions the contraction of the muscles. When the muscles have shrunk, the flow of blood in the body will not be adequate. The natural agony reliefs that are available in our physique have difficult time outreaching the different parts of it, and the sensation of pain is increased. Reflexology increases the flow of blood and aids ease the muscles, thus aiding the natural agony reliefs outreach the different sections of the body, as well as oxygen and nutritional elements which the body requires to work appropriately, thus assisting it to cure itself.

A teeth reflexology treatment is situated on top of the toes beneath the toe joints. On a big toe, there’s only a single joint. Therefore the points of reflexology are located below and above the knuckle. The reflexology region is formed like a narrow strip that moves over the top of the big toe, and there are duo strips on every toe. The distant strip is for overlying teeth and jaw while the immediate strip is for the lower teeth and jaw — the toes on the right tootsie correspond to the mouth’s left side, and the left tootsie corresponds to the mouth’s right side. teeth reflexology

The therapy starts by consulting the reflexologist and getting a clarification about the essence of the treatment. After the initial composure therapy is done, the dentist will begin the dental processes. As the process takes place, therapy will be done on different systems of the body, such as the hormonal system, nervous system, lymphatic system, and blood flow. This is to bring the body to a situation of balance, which will aid in engaging the assistance of the internal healing system to strengthen the outer attempts made by the dental surgeon. This treatment pursues through the whole procedure while the dentist pays heed to the demands of the patient at different phases of treatment.